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Bismarck mech battle by ScouttheRangerDog Bismarck mech battle :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 2 1 The Bismarck BMK-1 by ScouttheRangerDog The Bismarck BMK-1 :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 5 1 Wolf Knight by ScouttheRangerDog Wolf Knight :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 5 1 Orthrus by ScouttheRangerDog Orthrus :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 7 2 Hadrian, the Waykeeper by ScouttheRangerDog Hadrian, the Waykeeper :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 7 4 Rocky by ScouttheRangerDog Rocky :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 25 11 The Slayer by ScouttheRangerDog The Slayer :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 3 7 Morning nuzzles by ScouttheRangerDog Morning nuzzles :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 10 8 HHEP Armor (23rd century Federation) by ScouttheRangerDog HHEP Armor (23rd century Federation) :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 5 1 23rd century federation uniforms by ScouttheRangerDog 23rd century federation uniforms :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 4 1 USS Utah REDUX!... again by ScouttheRangerDog USS Utah REDUX!... again :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 3 1 Lasairn by ScouttheRangerDog Lasairn :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 17 7 Christmas gift to a friend by ScouttheRangerDog Christmas gift to a friend :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 2 5 New Republic Trooper (transitionary period) by ScouttheRangerDog New Republic Trooper (transitionary period) :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 10 1 USS Utah NCC-0991 by ScouttheRangerDog USS Utah NCC-0991 :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 4 1 Rebel commando by ScouttheRangerDog Rebel commando :iconscouttherangerdog:ScouttheRangerDog 11 1



Howdy, Y'all!

So, how many of you play D&D 5e? A friend and I have been creating a class that we would love to publish! However, before we can get there, we would love to have some help play testing the class and archetypes. We've done some play testing ourselves, and the class has felt pretty balanced, but we would love more feedback and people who dm/play different from us to give it a go.

The class is the stalker, a stealthy fighter/control class. Their prime ability is ambush, which allows you to get extra damage from a stealth attack. On top of this, you have your brutalize ability, which causes a small amount of bleed damage and a fear effect for those who witness the brutal strike from the shadows. Sound a bit interesting? Hit me up if you are interested in play testing the class!

Stalker class is copyrighted to myself and my friend Jordan. 

So, I have not made it a secret as to my dislike of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". However, I see that there are a lot of people who really enjoy the movie. So here is a chance to change my mind;

Why is the Last Jedi a good Starwars movie?
A little life update:

So, this month has already been a big one for me. Aside from being broke as broke can be (for good reason though), I have a lot of good news/life events. First off, I'm only 26 for another 11 days. Secondly, I finally have a "new" car! Thirdly, My girlfriend, the wonderful and amazing LordoftheTroglodytes is coming over to meet me in person! I'm excited and terrified.

Lastly, I just got put on an antidepressant. I don't think I've felt this excited/scared about anything in my life, aside from meeting my love. For those who don't know, I've been struggling more and more with depression and anxiety these last few years, and I've finally decided to try to get my life back from my mental illnesses. It's going to be an adventure, and looking forward from the starting line, it's really daunting. I just hope that it will help me out in the end.
Hey all! I am back from my hiatus (for the most part). I hope that y'all had a fantastic Christmas and that you will have a great new year!

So some fun news: I am signing up for an awesome LARP event happening in Canada, called Bicolline, in 2019. A little way off, but man, am I excited! Best part: My girlfriend, the wonderful and beautiful LordoftheTroglodytes will be joining me there!

There might not be much in the way of art being posted for a bit, but there is some stuff on the way! Especially as I got an airbrush for christmas. Moar minis and warhammer on the way.
If any of you have been following the Count Dankula case over in Britain, you'll know that a man has just been convicted for the crime of making a joke, the court disregarding context and intent to simply go after the content of a video. This is egregious to the maximum. Any country that values liberty will hold at the fore the right to freedom of speech. Those countries that devalue liberty often go after the freedom of speech. It is a sign of what the governmental priorities are if you find that there is restrictions on your free speech.

Fight this. I cannot be emphatic enough.

In the book 1984 by George Orwell, he paints the picture of a society controlled to the extreme by government, to the point that the government can prosecute thought crime. everyone has a screen watching them, everyone is controlled. All speech and literature is edited so that it is non-offensive. As a kid reading the book, the ideas seemed mostly outlandish. We'd never be so stupid as to allow our freedom of speech to become nonexistant. I am appalled at the state of decay that I see becoming more and more prevalent.

We cannot let the right to be not offended supersede our right to free speech. Fight this. Fight to change these. If you live in places that attack your right like this, vote and be active, protest, and do all that you can to maintain that essential liberty. If you see the threat of your freedom of speech being taken, be every bit as active in ensuring that your representatives actually will fight for your rights.

Be awake and aware, people.…
Here's a link to a petition to free count dankula. While it might not have an effect on his sentence, hopefully we can let them know that the public support is not with them.


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I'm a 24 year old who likes to do art, photography, cosplay, etc. Not super great at any of them, but I consider myself at least competent. I hope y'all enjoy my art.


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Hey I sent you a note. I hope when you get some time you can reply to it quickly. I really do want to talk with you again. Its been a bit rough for me so I'm hoping we can figure out a time for you to start chatting on Telegram again. My mood keeps fluctuating and right now I seem to be spiraling into a depression.
CelesteSpaniel Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018   Digital Artist
Thank you for watching me! 
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Anytime! I really enjoy your art, and I'm happy to see you on DA! ^v^
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Hey there bud!
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It is greatly appreciated ;v; :heart:
Have a wonderful weekend and stay awesome! :wave:


AT Ahoy, Me Hearties! by Bitani49
ScouttheRangerDog Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem! I'm happy to support someone who has been so supportive of my girlfriend, and your rendition of Fiore is really fun! Thanks for doing that for her! ^^
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